Was bored, so decided to have a go at making a Word Clock.

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So, on Saturday I received a prank call from some girl. She told me that I had gotten her pregnant and given her various STDs. All very boring. I just put the phone on the table and let her waste her money.

However, being the moron that she obviously is, she didn't bother to withhold her mobile number; which is 07720916579.

First, I hope there are bots scouring the web (and hopefully this page) looking for mobile numbers that they can add to their databases so that the can send spam messages to, or cold call.

Secondly, any time I'm asked for a mobile number by someone or some company or some web site that I wouldn't normally give my number to, I shall provide her number.

I hope she appreciates the return prank.


I like going to see films at the cinema; I like the big screen and the big sound. However, and I know other people have the same problem, I can’t watch 3D films because after about half an hour my eyes start to hurt and I am getting a bit annoyed by the cinemas only showing the 3D versions of some films, which are generally the ones I want to watch.

Cinema Ticket Stubs I Have Collected Since March 2003

So I decided to send a message to Odeon (I normally go the Odeon in Maidstone) and see what they have to say:-

“I have an issue with cinemas only showing 3D versions of some movies (and Odeon is not the only one). I have tried to watch 3D movies a couple of times, but after about 30 minutes my eyes start to hurt and I can’t really watch any more. I know I’m not the only one that suffers with this problem.

A couple of recent movies that I would have liked to have seen are Underworld and Ghostrider+, but both only appear to be showing in 3D.

So would it be possible to have a 2D screening of these movies at some point? Even just a couple of screenings on a Saturday or Sunday morning/afternoon/evening would give those of us who would like to see these films a chance to go and see them.

I do appreciate that there is cost in getting the movies from the production companies for showing, and that you have to weigh that cost against the number of tickets that you are likely to sell for it, but I felt I needed to expression my frustration.

Thanks for listening.

I shall await their response …


+ Don’t judge me – I like SCI-FI/Action movies even if some people think they are rubbish.

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… and I was expecting around 36 hours. Still, can’t complain.

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On Tuesday I received two new 2TB hard drives for my backup server.


I hooked them up, and used LVM to put them in to a 2TB mirrored configuration.

Three days later (i.e. today) LVM finished syncronising these two empty hard drives.

W. T. Heck.

Once I’ve moved the existing data on to the new drives, I’ll have to do the same thing with the existing 1TB drives eye rolling

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My old house name plate was looking a bit worn and faded (or so my mum thought), so she bought me a new one for Christmas. This morning, I put it up:-

The old:-

The new:-