My house phone has an LCD to show numbers and information, but some of the LC segments do not light up making the display useless:-

Display should say FREESTYLE

I thought there might be something wrong with the connection between the main board and the display, so I had a look. I was expecting a silicon zebra-stripe connector, which I've seen before, but this one uses a flexible connector that is heat bonded to the main board and the display. WARNING: be gentle with the flexible connector; it turns out the can tear quite easily frown.

I thought maybe the bonding between the connector and the board had deteriorated causing some of the connections to become disconnected. So I thought I'd try rebonding the connections by using my soldering iron. I set my iron to 200oC and slowly ran the tip along the connector where it is bonded to the board. After the first attempt I noticed some of the LCD segments were back, and after a few more goes, the display was back to normal:-

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