My second Android application.

I wrote this for use with a TK103A/B tracking device, which can determine its location using GPS or GSM and send the location to a mobile phone using SMS messaging.

The tracker can be used with the normal SMS messaging functions of your phone, but there isn't (that I was aware of) an application to go with it. You have to send a message to the Tracker, wait for the response and then click a link in the response to view the location on a map. You have to do this every time you want to get the tracker location.

So I decided to attempt to write an application that would allow you to request the tracker location via SMS, and when the response is received it will automatically extract the location and show it on a map.

Tracker Map Tracked item details

Source on GitHub.

TODO: If the tracker can't get GPS coordinates, it sends the GSM Location Area Code (LAC) and Cell ID (CID) of the tower it is connected to. It also sends its last known GPS coordinates. It would be nice to be able to lookup the LAC/CID coordinates, but I am not sure how to do that at the moment. There are some web sites with databases of this information, but I need to find out how I could access those. So for now, the application used the last known GPS coordinates.